PaintSmith Company: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting. Based in Seattle, Washington, Painting Internationally.
"Our Company has worked with PaintSmith Co. for 15 plus years. They have always met our needs and quality expectations. I would Recommend Paintsmith Co. to Take Care of all of your Painting and Coating needs."
Wes Morris
Vice President, Tri-Ply Construction, LLC

"The grain of the wood just pops with color! Everything is simply gorgeous. We commend you on having such a competent and talented staff."
Pam and Bob Fulton
Ellensburg, WA

Old World Craftsmanship, New World Technology

Services from PaintSmith Company

Quintessa Apartments -- Commercial Painting by PaintSmith Company
Quintessa Apartments
Seattle, Washington
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Safeway Milk Plant -- Industrial Painting by PaintSmith Company.
Safeway Milk Plant
Bellevue, Washington
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Residential Painting by PaintSmith Company.
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PaintSmith Company is a Certified Lead Based Paint Firm.

Commercial Painting

The commercial painting we do at PaintSmith is a broad scope of new and existing work for business owners of all kinds and general contractors from near and far. We pride ourselves on the type of service that local generals and owners will rely on for all their painting projects.

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Industrial Painting

PaintSmith, being located in the heart of an agricultural region, has applied coatings where fruit, wine, cheese, milk, hops, lumber, and flowers are processed, packaged and stored. We work around stacked shifts and in plants under full operation. We build scaffold, hang on ropes, climb inside, outside, clean, blast and epoxy our way through industrial settings.

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Residential Painting

PaintSmith provides lasting finishes for all residential projects inside and out. We work on new houses and older homes. Many have been on the state's historical register or on the "tour of homes."

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Liquid Floor Coating

Expect more from your floor. PaintSmith applies a myriad of liquid floor coatings that perform under high traffic in industrial settings, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, wineries, food production plants, parking garages, warehouses, residential garages, mechanic shops and auto sales showrooms.

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Pre-Finish Shop

This specialized crew enhances our team by pre-finishing millwork, doors and cabinets before they go to the job. Beautiful wood with colorful stains and smooth finishes leave our shop daily.

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click for more Contact Information for PaintSmith CompanyPaintSmith Company: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting. Based in Seattle, Washington, Painting Internationally.
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